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Published in mar 18 2020 - 16:34

Adressing ongoing comments that the Port of Santos might undergo an operations shutdown as a result of Covid-19 contamination risk, Santos Port Authority (SPA) informs that no such interruption is programmed for the foreseeable future. SPA works closely with the port community, acting to ensure the full operation of the Port of Santos, respecting all determinations of the public health authorities.

SPA reiterates that the port is fully operational and that all maritime and road accesses are open, without any restriction. Additionally, SPA informs that has taken measures to protect its employees, clients and partners of eventual contagion risks. Find below a summary of the implemented measures (in chronological order):


  • Creation of an interdisciplinar group of SPA professionals to act in line with the public health authorities’ determinations in the prevention of covid-19;
  • Production of pamphlets and posters, in three languages – Portuguese, English and Mandarin –, with information about the disease and prevention methods;
  • Installment of alcohol gel dispensers in over 60 points of the Port;
  • Purchase of specific individual protection equipment for staff that may need to go on board of a vessel carrying a suspect case;
  • Simulated exercise for the arrival of ships carrying crew members with suspected contamination;
  • Determination of home office for employees arriving from abroad, as well as suspension, for indeterminate time, of travels on assignment;
  • Access to the primary zone limited strictly to quay workers;
  • Prohibition of reunions, capacitations, technical visits and other unessential activities, giving preference to teleconferences;
  • Determination of non-presential berthing meeting (web-based);
  • Possibility of home office for staff in high risk group (over 60, and bearers of cronic illnesses) or with other specific necessities (parents whose children’s classes have been canceled, for instance);
  • New measures may be taken at any time, in accordance to demands from the competent health authorities.