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Published in nov 12 2019 - 08:32

The Santos Port Authority CEO, Casemiro Tércio Carvalho, accompanied by the board of directors, presented this Tuesday (11/06) to the managerial body and to the press a balance for the 100 first days of their chairmanship, highlighting the most important challenges and accomplishments. “A victory that wouldn’t be possible without the effort of all the company”, affirmed the CEO.

Of the results reached in the past 100 days, one of the foremost was the liquid profit of R$ 65 million in this year’s first four months, the best result in decades. Two other points showcased with emphasis were the economy of about R$ 7.5 million per year, product of a medium reduction of 30% over the original value of eight renegotiated service contracts, as well as the perspective of saving R$ 5 million per year over two factors: a better control of overtime work and the implementation of a new Commissioned and Appointed Positions Structure.

When talking about market relations, Tércio emphasized the work developed by the commercial team, which has firmed three transition contracts, each with a increase of value of up to 75% in benefit of the Port Authority. In addition, in order to attract new investments to the port, injunctions that allowed terminals with expired contracts to operate precariously were successfully toppled. He also pointed out the proposal of a new tariff structure for the navigation canal, by gross tonnage criteria. The proposal shall be presented to the Port Authority Council (CAP) in about 45 days. “Although CAP is an advisory board, we want to have a debate with the market before sending [it] to the regulatory agency [Antaq]”, affirmed Tércio.

The approval of the maintenance dredging endeavor, valued at R$ 309 million, for 24 months, and of the caretaking for the paving of the perimeter avenues, valued at 17 million, for 18 months, also integrated the list of acconplishments. “The biddings will be published soon” said Tércio.

Among these measures, the Port Authority sent to the Secretary for Coordenance and Governance of State Companies (SEST), of the Ministry of Economy, a Voluntary Layoff proposal, to be deployed in the second semester for 480 eligible professionals.

The public call for donations of qualification studies on the modelling of the concession of the navigation canal; the announcement of biddings for areas STS 13A and STS 20 (formerly occupied by companies Vopak and Pérola); and the economy of an yearly R$ 6 million with the transference to local authorities of the management of the Public Fishing Terminal of Laguna closed the balance of the 100 days’ accomplishments.

In the second semester, the board of directors will continue to focus on finishing the revision of the port’s Zoning and Development Plan (PDZ); on the opening of a new bidding to the access project on the Macuco primary zone; on the anticipation of the concession of environmental licenses for future concession areas; on the hiring of a cultural and historic port Master Plan; and the definition of the investment plan for the improvement of internal railway accesses.

Tércio made yet another highlight: commercial actions looking to attract new cargo to the port, by the prospection of productive chains. In this sense, he announced the opening of a commercial office in China, the renovation of the branding of the company to “Santos Port Authority” [in English in the original], and the preparation of new tenancies and merging of areas with expiring contracts.

Once again, the president made clear that the whole proposal of a more efficient management is structured in three main acting axes: Intracorporation, focused on people, meritocratic criteria, transparency and administration modernization; Market, which preconizes a new relation to clients, suppliers and partners; and Destatization, to be achieved via the concession of infrastructure services and tenancy biddings for the private sector.

Translated from “Autoridade Portuária apresenta balanço dos primeiros 100 dias de gestão”.

First Published June 11 2019 – 4:14 PM


 About Santos Port Authority
Santos Port Authority is a public company connected to the Ntaional Port and Waterway Secretariat (SNPTA) of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINFRA). It is responsible for the logistic planning and for the administration of the Organized Port of Santos’ infrastructure, the largest of Latin America, through which almost a third of the Brazilian trade balance is moved. With 7,8 million square meters, the port is located 70 Km from the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and contains 43¹ maritime and retroport terminals, distributed among the municipalities that make the two margins of the port’s estuary: Santos (right) and Guarujá (left).
¹Some terminals operate two types of cargo, and have therefore been considered in duplicity.
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