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Published in nov 12 2019 - 09:09


“Santos Port Authority” is new trade name

The Port Authority of Santos discloses today its new brand, reflecting the ongoing transformation of the company. The evolution of the visual identity portrays its new values, of efficiency, transparency and competitiveness. The challenge that drives this moment of renovation is that of turning Santos not only the largest, but the best port in Latin America.

The new brand still carries some elements of the current one, to preserve the recognition and trust that has been built by the Port of Santos throughout the years.

In the new design, the word Santos remains visually strong, as a highlight to the name of the city where most of the port is seated. The stylized letter “S” has also been kept, as a symbol of the navigation canal’s margins and its geometric configuration. The color green, now decorating the “S”s internal arches, represents renovation, free passage and sustainability.

The new visual identity coincides with the creation of the now-legal trade name “Santos Port Authority”. The brand now displays the name in English, which is the common language of foreign trade. Thus, the role of the company of port administrator is reinforced in the new configuration, so to provide a clearer understanding for the international public. There will also be a version in Portuguese, usable in situations where the brand must accompany that of the Brazilian Federal Government.

Below, the history of Santos port administration logos.

About Santos Port Authority

Santos Port Authority is a public company connected to the Ntaional Port and Waterway Secretariat (SNPTA) of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINFRA). It is responsible for the logistic planning and for the administration of the Organized Port of Santos’ infrastructure, the largest of Latin America, through which almost a third of the Brazilian trade balance is moved. With 7,8 million square meters, the port is located 70 Km from the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and contains 43¹ maritime and retroport terminals, distributed among the municipalities that make the two margins of the port’s estuary: Santos (right) and Guarujá (left).

¹Some terminals operate two types of cargo, and have therefore been considered in duplicity.

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