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Published in abr 15 2020 - 17:07

The Santos Port Authority (SPA) implemented two new relevant developments for prevention of covid-19 in Port of Santos. Washbasins were installed in access gates, where traffic of port workers is more frequent; and ship operations are now conditioned to the provision of hand sanitizing equipment.

Below is the summary of the implemented actions in the Port of Santos since January 30, when the World Health Organization declared the covid-19 outbreak an international public health emergency:

• Creation of a multidisciplinary 24/7 group, concentrating actions on covid-19 combat;
• Consolidation and actualization of the Port of Santos Contingency Plan, considering the epidemiological emergency;
• Acquisition of surrogate products (liquid alcohol and higienic tissues) for use in the case of alcohol gel shortage;
• Intensification of soap and paper towel replenishment in lavatories;
• Continuous cleaning and disinfection of access gates, with use of high-pressure washers;
• Substitution of worn out sanitization equipment;
• Determination for port operators to provide mobile hand sanitizing stations in the primary areas, for quay workers;
• Disabling of biometry check on access gates, substituted by stronger enforcement of identity badge inspection;
• Definition of a specific quay area for mooring of ships with covid-19 suspicion;
• Capacitation of information multipliers for action along work posts;
• Installation of alcohol gel dispensers in over 60 spots in the Port of Santos, with continuous replenishing;
• Purchase of personal protection equipment;
• Determination of home office for employees in risk group or whenever possible.