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Published in nov 19 2019 - 16:17

BTP, Santos Brasil and Set Port proposals will yield R$ 1.2 million per month

Santos Port Authority (SPA) published on Monday (18th) the list of winning offers to provisionally explore three areas on the Saboó pier, on the right margin of the Port of Santos. The companies Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP), Santos Brasil and Set Port presented the best final proposals, which, together, will yield R$ 1,182,380.00 to SPA as a minimum monthly remuneration – a high of almost 152% over what they originally offered.

Six companies competed for at least one of the three transitional lease areas available today in Saboó with offers made in late October and early November. According to the public notice, the competitors could submit a single final offer on Wednesday (13th), and they did so.

BTP gave the best bid for area 1, of R$ 215,940, a 103% increase over its initial proposal, to handle general cargo (containers, vehicles and breakbulk). For the exploration of area 2, Santos Brasil offered an increase of 188%, totaling R$ 713,000.00, and will use the space for cellulose and vehicles. And for the operation of area 3, the company Set Port offered R$ 253,440.00, an increase of 119.4%. Set Port proposed to move solid bulk and general cargo; It is the only one of the three not yet operating leases in the Port of Santos. The companies must submit qualification documents within five business days. Full proposals can be found on the SPA website at the links at the end of the text.

The offers were submitted under the Simplified Selection Process Notice for tenant selection, launched in September by SPA to make use of vacant areas until the respective bidding processes for long term leases are concluded or for a maximum of 180 days – whichever occur first.

“It was a groundbreaking process that proved successful in combining maximizing compensation for SPA, broad competition, and ensuring continued port service. This is the mentality of our management, focus on efficiency and competition”, says SPA CEO Casemiro Tércio Carvalho.

The simplified selection is foreseen in a resolution of the National Waterway Transportation Agency (Antaq) 2016. This is the first time that the SPA has used this instrument.

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Translated from “SPA publica lista das ofertas vencedoras para explorar áreas no Saboó”

First published November 19 2019 – 14:40 PM


About Santos Port Authority

Santos Port Authority is a public company connected to the Ntaional Port and Waterway Secretariat (SNPTA) of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINFRA). It is responsible for the logistic planning and for the administration of the Organized Port of Santos’ infrastructure, the largest of Latin America, through which almost a third of the Brazilian trade balance is moved. With 7,8 million square meters, the port is located 70 Km from the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and contains 43¹ maritime and retroport terminals, distributed among the municipalities that make the two margins of the port’s estuary: Santos (right) and Guarujá (left).

¹Some terminals operate two types of cargo, and have therefore been considered in duplicity.

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