Port of Santos remains operational

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Published in mar 23 2020 - 18:18

The Port of Santos operates normally, within the criteria established by the health authorities to ensure protection to all staff, whether harbor crew, private company employees, truck drivers or other workers. All cargo activities for ships, trucks and trains are functional. Maritime, road and rail accesses are open without any restriction.

Several actions were taken by the Port Authority, terminals and operators in the adaptation of entry and exit gates and transport routs between both port margins. Hygiene and security measures have been implemented, following the norms established by the Health Ministry and the Sanitary Vigilance (Anvisa), based in guidelines from the World Health Organization.

The Port of Santos is the largest and most important port in Brazil, responsible for almost 30% of the country’s trade balance and a fundamental asset in ensuring the flow of goods necessary to overcoming the covid-19, such as food and materials for medicine production. In the region, it is the largest source of employment and revenue. Therefore, it is essential that the port remains operational, respected all protocols on facing covid-19.

Our sincere thanks to all men and women that keep the Port of Santos in operation.


Santos Port Authority (SPA) e São Paulo State Union of Port Operators (Sopesp)